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Sayan "Riju" Chakrabarti

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I'm an Experienced Coder with varying levels of skills in Web Software Development on LAMP stack (PHP/MySQL), Codeigniter, Wordpress, Node JS, Meteor JS, JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Web Frontend Design, NOSQL (Mongo DB), Bash Shell Scripting, etc.

I am versed with Version Control Systems like Git and Bazaar.

In general, I try to keep abreast of the latest trends in relevant technologies.

I've been working almost exclusively on Linux systems for the last decade or so.

I'm idealistic about Free & Open-source Software, contributing often to such projects as coder, documenter and advocate.

Current Projects

Project: Apartment Selling Software
Client: Exin Realty Pvt Ltd
Technology: Meteor JS, MongoDB, CoffeeScript, Twitter Bootstrap
Role: Development of the Web based software and deployment thereof to Linux VPS.
Project Details: A software to facilitate and overview the sales of apartments in a Real Estate Project.
Nouveau technology stack of Meteor JS (Node JS) and Mongo DB is being used.
Duration: April 2015 - Present [Work in Progress]

Project: Bengali Webzine [LINK]
Client: Bookpocket Publishers LLP
Technology: Wordpress as a CMS,
Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework
Role: Web Design (using Twitter Bootstrap) and Development (using custom Themes inWordpress). Also, maintenance and upgrade of the software on hosted server.
Project Details: A Bengali (Bangla) Webzine on Bangla Literature (Bangla Sahitya) celebrating the Culture of the Bengali diaspora from Assam, Bangladesh, Tripura and West Bengal
Duration: June 2013 - Present

Project: Website Design w/ Email Hosting [LINK]
Client: Odisha Electro Devices
Technology: Core PHP, Twitter Bootstrap
Role: Web Designing and Server Maintenance
Project Details: Design and hosting (with email) of the company's corporate website.
Duration: June 2013 - Present

Project: Real Estate (Land Plots) Management Software
Client: Excella Realtors Pvt Ltd
Technology: Codeigniter Framework, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, MooTools, Ajax
Role: Single handedly developed, implemented, deployed and maintained the product for ~5 years till date
Project Details: A complete software solution for handling sell of land as plots spread over multiple projects with complex requirements like plot management, tracking transactional payments, basic CRM, various customized report generation, MLM Networking Tree for agents, etc
Duration: August 2011 - Present

Old Projects

These are a few of the projects I've worked on in a recent to distant past...

  • Tiny Bash Server: A tiny http server written in Bash which supports CGI like scripting in Bash
  • Muktalekhaa: Bengali Phonetic Typing System
  • Yagoburn: Yet Another Gui Optical BURNer for GNU/Linux
  • Debbundle/ Debshare: Offline One Click Install method for software package installation in GNU/Linux
  • Botokesto: A very simple IRC bot for the Node.js platform. Proof of Concept.
  • March Linux: A home brewn "distrolet" of Arch Linux. Now defunct.

Recent Employments

Employer: Bookpocket Publishers LLP
Designation: CTO
Duration: September 2014 - Present

  • Overseeing Typing, Formatting and Production of eBooks in Bengali (ePub format)
  • Developing & Designing eCommerce web application for selling the ebooks
  • Managerial inputs in day-to-day running of business
Employer: Sarangtec Systems
Designation: Developer & Managing Partner
Duration: September, 2012 - June, 2015

  • Developing Web Applications using Codeigniter on the LAMP stack.
  • Web Design & Hosting Management
  • Linux Consultancy
  • Managerial inputs in day-to-day running of business


Skill Name Last Used Experience
Linux 2015 10 Years
PHP/MySQL (CodeIgniter) 2015 6 Years
Wordpress Development 2015 2 Years
Python 2013 7 Years
JavaScript & Ajax 2015 6 Years
CoffeeScript 2015 1 Year
HTML/CSS 2015 7 Years
Meteor JS 2015 06 Months
Node JS 2015 1 Year
Mongo DB 2015 1 Year

Personality Traits

  • Quintessential Problem Solver (albeit w/ Hacks)
  • Geek/Nerd with affinity for Startups
  • Insatiable Dabbler in New Technologies
  • Obstinately Persistent, esp. in adverse conditions
  • Straightforward Assessor of Situations
  • Good with Words, esp. while Writing


Postgrad: A Level (Advanced PG Diploma in IT) from DOEACC, 2010
Undergrad: B.Sc. (Maths Honors) from Calcutta University, 2005

I am /me

And my Skills are available for Hire!

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Email: s26c[dot]sayan[at]gmail[dot]com
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India;
The Internet ;=)